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Face book suspended 350 accounts supporting the Saudi government
Face book, the world’s largest social website, has suspended 350 fake accounts for allegedly supporting the Saudi government for the first time. Before this action, Facebook reportedly opposed Saudi Arabia. According to a foreign news agency, the Facebook administration on August 1 used Facebook to propagate Saudi Arabia’s government and allegedly use it against regional rivals. Accounts suspended. According to the Facebook administration,
Face book
the accounts that were suspended have been reported The people affiliated with the Saudi government were running. The accounts and pages that were suspended were allegedly propagated by the Saudi government and their political propaganda. Facebook did not explicitly state that those accounts. Through how the Saudi government’s propaganda was publicized and those accounts Saudi Arabia was targeted by some of its regional rivals. However, the Saudi government, on the other hand, has refused to recognize the suspended accounts. The statement sent by the Saudi government to the British news agency stated that Facebook The accounts suspended by the government have nothing to do with the government or its affiliates. The brief statement issued by the Saudi government states that the propaganda spread through these accounts has nothing to do with the government. That Facebook suspended 783 suspected and fake accounts of Iran between February and March this year These accounts were suspended because of anti-Saudi content. After Iran, now the Saudi government’s

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