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Rahim yar khan district

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on October 1947 state of Bahawalpur was affiliated with Pakistan. although it maintained its separate identity as well .till 1953 Ahmed Pur East was a part of Rahim Yar Khan district.

At the time of partition, many Muslims arrived in Rahim Yar Khan at that time Hindu community was living here as well.Hindus migrated in 1948 according to Sh.Azeem Ashraf adv.not a single Hindu was killed in Rahim Yar Khan district. Before independence of Pakistan, only one commemorative model used to walk during Muharram lead by Mehmood Shah. hindus along with Muslim also Participate in organization free food stalls, during Moharram, when they left their houses were allotted to Muslims later Masjid Nizamat is here in the city reminder what old time (Noshera Nizamat offices were used to be here)there was only one cinema in city known as Mandawa, laterally called friends talks , and when named as Nishat Cinema offer Some year,

with the improvement trust Businessman colony ,Zimidara Colony Model Town & Mahajer Colonies were established for residential purpose . Sadiq bazar, Shahi road, and Bano Bazar were designed for the commercial purpose.

news of the day

engineer Noor Ali Hassan Zamni was head of the improvement trust, along with its town hall, municipal office deputy commissioner office.Tehsil office civil court was built pilot School, Khawaja Fareed Government Post Graduate College were build ,old bazar linked sadar , School Bazar, old post office bazar were repaired or rebuilt in 1900 Rahim yar khan population were 4475, in  which 2532 were male and 1943 female while in 1972 census tehsil Rahim yar khan population increased to 436,677 and 1972 senses in was 575,283 and 1998 it was 985,655 in which 471284 were women and 514371 were men .now with 3,1% increase it is increased to 1291208,while inside the main city only its 3,27,886


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