Horrible murder Father kills 2-year-old child

Rahim Yar Khan (19-4-2020Horrible murder Father kills two-year-old child boy kills father )

The horrific incident of the murder of a 2-year-old child hangs dead body by father

The  accused has  been  arrested  by the  police  and  taken to a post-mortem hospital in the custody of a 2-year-old child . The incident took place in the Rafiq abad area of ​​the President’s premises, where the tragic incident occurred.

2-year-old Shabban, who was trying to seduce the in-laws, and after the murder, his father trapped the body of the innocent. However, upon hearing of the incident, the police reached the spot, who arrested the accused on the spot and shifted the body of the child to the hospital for postmortem and an investigation has been launched against the accused . It is said that the accused confessed to killing the son in the initial investigation.
Facts will now be revealed in further investigations and the accused will be presented with a challan court for the conviction.

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