Mobile Boat Clinic: First Ever Boat Clinic introduced in Pakistan

About the Mobile Boat Clinic

Mobile Boat Clinic

The Indus Health Network (IHN) will be launching Pakistan’s first ever Mobile Boat Clinic which will serve the most vulnerable population in district Rajanpur, Southern Punjab. It is located in an area where development is considered a rare phenomenon with people having limited access to basic health services. The catchment is home to approximately 105,000 people which is further divided into 47% male and 53% female population. The clinic will enhance healthcare access to the marginalized population by providing quality comprehensive primary care services free-of-charge.

The Mobile Boat Clinic will currently dock at three points along the Indus River and is expected to expand to eight docking points by the end of the year. Patients will be registered, screened, and have their vitals assessed at each docking point before a doctor’s visit on the boat. There will be a lab collection point and pharmacy to facilitate diagnostics and treatment.
The clinic has the capacity to house essential preventive care services that integrate both the clinical and public health initiatives identified by the community. Providing access to immunization, nutrition, family planning, breastfeeding, deworming, Hepatitis C, mental health screening, and counseling services.

Indus Health Network

(The Indus Hospital will be launching Pakistan’s first ever Mobile Boat Clinic in Bhong , district Rajanpur in Southern Punjab, on Tuesday, November 10, 2020 at 10:00 am.

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