US ELECTION 2020 presidential election that put Americans to sleep

What did Iranian hackers do the day before the presidential election that put Americans to sleep?

WASHINGTON (Rahimyarkhan) – In the days leading up to the November 3 presidential election in the United States, U.S. officials have confirmed that Iran obtained information from the U.S. state’s voter registration database in order to intimidate voters via e-mails. Voters were threatened to vote for President Trump on election day or face the consequences. According to media reports, officials said Iranian hackers were able to obtain information on voter registration from a US state. Officials said this was due to a technical glitch in the website. Officials added that the information obtained was used to intimidate voters in at least four states. These include the US states of Arizona, Alaska, Pennsylvania and Florida. Emails sent to voters were based on information obtained through hacking. They were set up to give the impression that they had been sent by the pro-US President Donald Trump group, the Proud Boys. A recent warning from authorities said that the voter registration information obtained by Iranian hackers was based on information. A video was also made based on which fake votes were mentioned.

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