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Who Was Dr Israr Ahmed

Dr Israr Ahmed was born on April 26, 1932, in the Hisar district of the present-day Indian state of Haryana.

He graduated from King Edward Medical College, Lahore in 1904 and later obtained a Masters degree in Islamic Studies from Karachi University in 1965.

Dr israr ahmed death

During the last month, the country’s leading religious scholar Dr. Israr Ahmad Sahib passed away last night. To Allah we belong and to Him we shall return. With his death, the struggle for the implementation of Sharia in Pakistan, of which I am also a worker, lost a conscious and courageous leader.

I have had a long association with Dr. Sahib in this struggle and have had the opportunity to work together in many movements.
He started his working life with Jamiat students and then became part of the caravan of Jamiat-e-Islami, but due to disagreement with some of the ideas and methods of Maulana Syed Abul Ali Maududi.

He parted ways with the Jamaat-e-Islami, but did not give up the struggle for the implementation of Islam and remained engaged until the end.

In his old age, his zeal and hard work for the implementation of Shariah was enviable, which encouraged even the youth.

He was of the view that the path taken by Shaykh-ul-Hind Maulana Mahmood Hassan Deobandi in his struggle against British colonialism on his return from three and a half years of imprisonment on the island of Malta was the right path to this endeavor.

And he declared himself a continuation of this movement of Shaykh-ul-Hind and continued to follow it till the end of his life.

After spending three-and-a-half years on the island of Malta, Shaykh-ul-Hind Maulana Mahmud Hassan Deobandi returned to India.
Instead, make a political struggle for the freedom of the homeland and make progress towards the goal of freedom through peaceful people’s struggle.
On this occasion, Shaykh-ul-Hind, who was not only the greatest leader of Deobandi thought and movement at that time but still has the status of a unanimous leader in all internal schools of Deobandi thought, has a three-point agenda for the future struggle.
* Muslims should play a united role while avoiding mutual differences.
Quranic lessons should be arranged at every level to promote the teachings of the Holy Quran and to make the common Muslim consciously associated with the Holy Quran.
* Muslims should establish the Shariah Emirate to settle their Shariah matters and work in obedience to it by electing a regular Amir.
Dr. Israr Ahmed’s position was that he was working to advance the same three-point program of Shaykh-ul-Hind, while according to him, Shaykh-ul-Hind’s students and the people of his constituency could not stick to this agenda.

what is the pul sirat by dr israr ahmed

Dr. Israr Ahmed’s position may be disputed, but it is beyond doubt that he himself continued to work on the same agenda and for this purpose he had formed a whole circle of friends and comrades across the country who Now, under the name of "Tanzeem-e-Islami”,

Dr. Sahib’s son Mr. Hafiz Muhammad Akif Saeed is active in the Emirate. Dr. Sahib developed a taste for understanding the Qur’an and established circles at every level.

Through the Qur’an College, he helped thousands of young people understand the Holy Qur’an.

According to the tastes and guidance of Shaykh-ul-Hind Maulana Mahmood Hassan Deobandi in Lahore, the honor of initiating the lessons of Holy Quran has been given to Shaykh-ul-Tafsir Hazrat Maulana Ahmad Ali Lahore and his students, but to increase this taste outside his circle If the matter is not exaggerated, then the struggle of Dr. Israr Ahmed is most prominent.

He has been a part of every struggle and movement for the implementation of Shariah and he has always played a leading role in Islamic movements.

Not only did he constantly strive for the implementation of Islam, but he also played an important role in keeping the original term of the Islamic system, the Khalifa, alive and familiarizing the new generation with the term Khalifa.

He continued to urge a rich man to work in allegiance and obedience to him and insisted throughout his life that obedience to a rich man and obedience to him is one of the religious requirements.

He also differed in some interpretations of the Khalifa, the emergence of Imam Mahdi and the resurrection of the Islamic nation, with which many scholars did not agree.

Raqim al-Huroof himself expressed reservations about some of his interpretations in these numerous meetings, but his sincerity and his inflexible and emotional commitment to his mission have always been respected and envied.

He was an old friend of mine, an intellectual leader of Tehreek-e-Nifaz-e-Islam and a devotee of Shaykh-ul-Hind Maulana Mahmood Hassan Deobandi who was proud to take the name of Shaykh-ul-Hind and make him his leader even today.

May Allah Almighty grant them a place in the tide of mercy and bless the survivors with the help of patience and beauty, Amen or Lord of the Worlds. ( RahimYarkhan

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