Imran Khan is in trouble

Imran Khan is in trouble

RAHIMYARKHAN DESK :Local body elections are also coming where PML-N is in a very strong and clean sweep position in Punjab.
 If the PML-N wins the local body elections in Punjab, it will be considered as a mini-general election and could be a major setback for the government.

For the time being, the opposition Ittehad-e-Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) has suffered a major setback, a serious setback which was not expected so soon.

Little did the other parties in the PDM themselves know that the roller coaster, which was on the cusp of Yousuf Raza Gilani’s unexpected victory, would suddenly reach such a height and crash so fast. But if the current clinical death of the opposition alliance is being considered by Prime Minister Imran Khan and his government as the complete death of the movement, it would be politically irrational and would be tantamount to underestimating the rival.

Understand that there is currently a clinical death of PDM, which can be restored to your breath and steps by respiration (albeit artificial) and some minor current.

Such a situation is inevitable when a broad coalition consisting of heavyweight parties and the parties lack a historic disagreement and trust between them. But a major mistake has been made by the opposition coalition.

 In her previous columns, she had also complained that there was a lack of a unified strategy within the PDM and that the strategy was changing on a daily basis. This alliance of political wrestlers should have agreed on a few things from day one and discussed them thoroughly. The aim of the PDM was to get rid of the Imran Khan government, but how?

Disagreements persisted over the procedure that existed from day one and which showed the opposition this day. As far as the procession was concerned, everyone gathered on phase one of the movement, but there was ambiguity about phase two, three or the final stage. It would have been better if this ambiguity had been removed from the outset through dialogue and the focus had been on a clear and agreed strategy. The opposition today would not have faced such ridicule today.

What happened during and after the PDM summit on March 16 was also seen as emotional. In my humble opinion, the PDM should have been given another chance at the summit. News of differences should have been confined within the four walls of the meeting. Maulana should not have left the press conference short like this. Should not have postponed at first, and should have avoided giving the impression of cancellation if imperfect preparation was inevitable.

All the impressions after the meeting were a combination of bad optics and were based on erroneous calculations even if Sochi was under the influence of the perceived strategy. However, the manner in which Maryam Nawaz, a newcomer to the political arena, handled the matter in the presence of big-mouthed and zealous politicians was a manifestation of her growing political maturity.

Maryam Nawaz tried her best to dispel the impression of the news of the PDM’s deep rift (which was leaked to the media during the meeting) but in any case it was the responsibility of all the leaders who came out for the press conference. What Maryam Nawaz alone tried to handle, that is, the weak heart did well in the competition!

 However, based on a realistic analysis, the political survival of all the opposition parties in the current situation is to prevent the biological death of this alliance. This is obviously the understanding of all the opposition leaders and that is why despite all the differences, anger, skepticism and slots on statements / tweets, Nawaz in just two days. Maulana Zardari’s contacts also began to be restored.

In my humble opinion, there must also be a link between Maryam Nawaz and Bilawal Bhutto, which will go a long way in bridging the gap in the PDM. Second, the PDM’s heavyweight parties must not only understand each other’s political limitations, but also value and respect these boundaries and reservations in order to move forward.

The dominant and dominant philosophy of the opposition alliance, conceptualism and idealism, also commonly known as idealism, has to give some space to realism and pragmatism in this philosophy and ideology. This political alliance, with a balanced mix of magic and jinn, will be able to achieve lasting goals if it moves forward. That’s right, that’s right

Sharpening the intellect if necessary

It is necessary to travel under the guidance of jinn

But it is reality and pragmatism and intellect that can better diagnose the disease;

Wisdom has given me wisdom

Therefore, it is necessary for the opposition alliance to try to get out of this deadlock through dialogue and try to get out of the jigsaw puzzle that has come to the part of the opposition. Dastan

Let love now follow the God-given intellect

Don’t ruin your reputation

If the PPP feels that it currently has more political stake in the system, then other PDM parties should respect the PPP’s democratic constitutional mandate. It has become clear that the PPP will not resign, neither from the Provincial Assembly nor from the National Assembly, so resignations should not be made the last word and any middle ground and tactic should be adopted in the current deadlock.

In recent electoral politics, the opposition has shown its vote bank and its popularity among the people. If the opposition wins NA-75 Daska and NA-249 Karachi, it will be tantamount to Gilani’s victory and will be able to boost the morale of the opposition as well as bring the government back on track. But the Daska election is currently in the Supreme Court, see what the result is from there.

On NA-249, the PML-N has fielded a very weak candidate in the case of Muftah Ismail. The PPP has not fielded a candidate so far, but if it does field a candidate, the contest could become a PTI-PPP contest and the chances of the PPP winning could increase.

The next local body elections are also coming where the PML-N is in a very strong and clean sweep position in Punjab. If the PML-N wins the local body elections in Punjab, it will be considered as a mini-general election and could be a major setback for the government. Therefore, it is appropriate at this time that the opposition should be present within the coalition system and move everywhere inside and outside the parliament.

If the PDM agrees on this point, it will be very difficult for the government to survive, even in a situation where the monster of inflation and unemployment is increasing day by day. That is why Prime Minister imran Khan is in a difficult situation.


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